RONAN RESPONSE: The Muslim Ban, Again

EXECUTIVE ORDER 13769 (2017)

This executive order, and its court defeated predecessor, is a direct affront to the multicultural mosaic of the United States and to the 1st Amendment protections of religious freedom.

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;"

There is no factual basis to conclude this executive order will prevent terrorist attacks whatsoever. The overwhelming evidence is white supremacists and mentally ill American citizens are causing the most damage with mass shootings and domestic acts of terrorism in our country.

There is also a dark psychological effect on American citizens with increased instances of racial and religious profiling and promoting bigoted hate, as evidenced by the increase of violence against Muslims, and other individuals CONFUSED as Muslims. This narrow minded foolishness tarnishes the image of the United States, painting our beautiful vibrant mosaic as a xenophobic totalitarian twilight zone.

Both of President Donald Trump's authoritarian majority Muslim travel ban executive orders are a direct affront to the very core of our constitutional freedoms and set a dangerous precedent to allow religious and ethnic profiling and hate mongering. If we value our own religious freedoms it is imperative we value the rights of those with differing beliefs.


SAMUEL RONAN is a progressive millennial organizer and founder of Our Voice.