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Rachel Martinez is the Founder of Milieu.Marketing, which contextualizes content into unique influential markets to create a more inclusive engagement experience for customers and clients. Rachel has an MBA in Inbound Marketing from Syracuse University and a minor in Political Science. She is an activist, a philanthropist and an active young democrat, seeking to build the bridge for cross party conversation and engagement. Rachel’s life motto is “To work for the people, by the people, for the things that matter in life and this country.” Her passion for a reformed democracy and more open conversation lead led her to her partnership with the Woman’s National Democratic Club (WNDC) as their current Digital Interactive Media Manager. Previously, Rachel has worked in Corporate Digital Marketing for 5 years and has over 8 years of journalism (Broadcast & Radio) experience experience in Broadcast and Radio journalism.

In 2011, Rachel was named the Young Woman of the Year for the State of Maryland for her efforts in volunteerism, young children’s education, and raising awareness and engagement for students in technology and politics. She was also a member the Girl’s Empowerment Mission, which focuses on providing global experiences and education to high school students in impoverished neighborhoods throughout Maryland. Finally, Rachel has been awarded the emerging student of the year by The National Association Of Hispanic Journalists and was an Emma Bowen Fellow.

Rachel is currently the Strategic Planning Manager for Our Voice, and lives in Washington, DC.