LA Response


Several weeks ago I traveled to LA to participate in the progressive conversation of where and how to move the nation forward. The enthusiasm of the people I was allowed to interact with give me great hope for the future of politics with progressive millennials taking the cause upon themselves.


Sadly, over the course of the entire process we have seen the worst of what politics has to offer. Backbiting and infighting has tainted the field of LA politics and is doing nothing but setting a poor example of what we have to offer to our nation. In light of recent behavior and accusations, I have decided to rescind any pre-existing endorsements for candidates in the current LA congressional races and to wash my hands of any further involvement.


It is my hope and sincere desire to see all of the candidates, of the Los Angeles races, to work out their differences in a private and respectful manner, so as to not further embarrass the rest of the progressive movement.


There is no realm of possibility that I would endorse or approve of any candidate guilty of anything close to some of the allegations regarding candidates in this race. Our American Values demand professionalism, condemn any form of misconduct, and leave absolutely no room for sexism, slander, or the threatening of candidates, victims, or supporters.


My military service training would in no way allow me to welcome any semblance of harassment, especially sexual in nature, into the political forum. We must be greater than the status quo and remain above reproach. If we are to expect to transcend politics, we must stay focused on the goals of a better future for all and upholding our great American values.


Thank you,


Samuel Ronan