With the scale of the project that we are trying to do, we need your help in collecting the massive amounts of information that we are looking to achieve. We are looking for volunteer groups, ballot information, university contact information, and event information.

Where to look

The information that we are looking for can be found all across the internet from Facebook groups all the way to University websites. If you can't think of your own place to look for information, try some of the following.

submit your findings

Submitting your findings is as easy as filling out a form because it is exactly that. Find the form for the type of information that you are looking for and answer the questions it gives you. If you have multiple pieces of data, you can fill out the form multiple times! We appreciate all the help you can give.

Organization Input Form

Organization information would be things such as events, university contact information, internships, or even media outlets. 

Ballot input form

Ballot information would pertain to things such as elected offices in the area such as Mayor or County Commissioner.

Volunteer Input form

Volunteer information would have information on groups and individuals who would be willing to give some of their time to certain issues. This is not the same form as the one to join the Our Voice team.

Mass Data submission

To submit massive amounts of information, submit the file as an excel file to the Dropbox linked.