Brandon Callis


Brandon’s career in information technology began just as early as it was accidental. At the age of 16, he was attending college and working at Auburn University at Montgomery as a freshman with a student worker position at AUM's professional-level computer training facility, the Technacenter. His official duties were setting up the computer labs with the appropriate software and training materials, but he did that at night so he could sit in on the classes. Soon, he was a Novell Certified Network Engineer. When the Technacenter started a consulting division, they convinced the State of Alabama to hire him… only if he promised to remain a full-time student. When the Technacenter became a Microsoft Certified Training Center, he became a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer. He worked for the State of Alabama for 6 years, and then became a private consultant. He never got his bachelor’s degree like he had promised, the State of Alabama, though.


Brandon was active in the progressive movement at an early age as well. He founded the Gay Students Club and organized a city-wide mock gubernatorial election in junior high. Bernie’s announcement that he was running for President was one of the happiest day of Brandon’s life, and Bernie’s inauguration would’ve been the happiest day of his life… but the Democratic primaries were rigged. Both Hillary and Trump were the opposite of everything Brandon stands for… but Trump is a buffoon who knows nothing about Washington; and Hillary knows how to rig and manipulate the system inside and out. So, Brandon spent the months leading up to the general election convincing Bernie supporters in the rust belt to vote for Trump, and then to spend every moment of Trump’s presidency fighting Trump and building the progressive movement.


Brandon is Lead of Automation, Scripting, and general technical support with the Technology Team of Our Voice.