Death Penalties Are Real

One misconception people have about single payer healthcare is that private health insurance won’t deny services while a public option will. In fact,  insurance companies consistently deny critical services. These often life-saving services include therapy, medication, surgery, medical devices and treatment. This practice is essential to any insurance company’s bottom line, even for expensive, “premium”, private insurance.

Dear America, Don't Be THAT Guy

At every large gathering of people there always seems to be that one guy who is obnoxious, boisterous, and a bit too over-aggressive. These completely insensitive turd birds know they are too much and make no apology excuses for being rude and overbearing. For the sake of peace, everyone else acquiesces to their inclusion and quietly wonders who the hell invited them anyway.

Humpty Trump, D. Sat On A Wall

The Trump wall will create tens of thousands of new jobs!  Most of which will not be for American laborers. In an attempt at isolating the United States from our southern neighbor, we will end up using international construction corporations to complete the task. 

 Some folks will be glad to have a physical barrier to hide behind and even fewer will capitalize off of this fear to enrich themselves by ensuring that suffering of disenfranchised people continues .